How are you different from my local resale or consignment store?

Our delivery, curated model is designed to make things easy for you. Think of us as a clothing swap, made easy. Rather than look through clothing racks, we send you handpicked items for your kid.

What is the Bobox standard?

We developed the Bobox standard to help you weave out items that are not made to be shared. Learn more about how we vet these brands here.

What is pre-loved or like-new clothing?

Also known as secondhand or gently-used. All of our items go through an intensive quality check to ensure it can be reworn by your little ones.

Why should I shop pre-loved clothing?

Because buying pre-loved extends the life of the item and keeps them out of landfills.

What is the take, make, waste model?

Today’s economy is primarily based on the linear model of take, make, waste. Natural, virgin resources are turned into products and then thrown away at the end of its useful life. 

What is a circular fashion industry?

Also known as closed loop, a circular business model seeks to move beyond fashion’s linear model, to close the loop and design out waste and minimize environmental impacts. It involves keeping products in circulation for as long as possible and using recycled raw materials to use again in new products. By promoting the rewear of like-new clothing, we are accelerating the transition to a circular economy.



What if I’m looking for outfits for a specific occasion i.e. winter essentials or dance recital?

We want to make things easy for you and help you find what you need. Provide as much detail as you’d like in our style quiz and we will work our magic and tailor to your needs.

What will I receive in a Bobox?

Each box contains five selected, pre-loved items that meet the Bobox standards.

I’m hearing a lot about clothing made of organic cotton, trees and recycled plastic bottles. Why are these materials better for the planet?

Products made from low-impact materials such as organic cotton have smaller environmental footprints, which helps to preserve natural resources for future generations. 

Where do your clothes come from?

Our clothes come from resale stores, brand partnerships and parents who sent us their kid’s outgrown clothing. We operate on the basis of a circular model and want to keep clothing out of landfills by extending its life.

What brands can I expect in my Bobox?

You can expect a number of quality pieces that meet our standards. We focus on long-lasting, high-quality pieces that can be shared from kid to kid. We also do our best to fill your Bobox with clothing made of organic or recycled materials, which has a lower environmental footprint compared to virgin and/or conventional materials.

What if I don’t like the clothing?

Send us an email at hello@boboxkids.com and we will get it sorted! 



How does trade-in work?

Send us your items and we will buy-back your outgrown kid’s clothing and offer store credit to you. Visit our Trade In page for more information.