Our Community

Are you a children’s resale store? We are currently seeking partners to join us in our mission to keep high-quality pieces in circulation for longer, because clothing is meant for sharing and not landfills. 

What's a clothing bundle?

  • Our curated clothing bundles contain 3 - 4 outfits based on a customer's style quiz. 

What does it mean to join the Bobox Community?

  • When Bobox receives an order, be part of the network of stores that fulfill these orders based on the customer’s style quiz. 

    Why partner with us?

    • Reach a Wide Audience - Partner with us to reach new customers across the country.
    • It's a Different Way to Sell - It’s an additional stream of income for your business.
    • Enjoy the Process - It's fun to put together surprise bundles, just like personal shopping!
    • Only Say Yes When You Can - We understand that things fluctuate and that your time is valuable, especially when running your own business. You have the freedom to pick and choose which orders to fulfill. 
    • Refresh Your Inventory - Sometimes that cute pair of pants just hasn’t found the right owner. Mix and match items in your store to fulfill the customer’s style quiz.
    • Forget About Product Photos - It’s time consuming to take photos and list them on your site. Selling via clothing bundles means less work.
    • We're Stronger Together - Let’s band together to change the perception of resale!

    Together we can make it easy for parents to choose #resalenotretail. Interested in joining the Bobox community? Reach out to us, let's connect! 


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