The Bobox Standards

We want the best for our kids and clothing shouldn’t be an exception. Our stylists not only look for signs of wear, stains, pilling, shrinkage, but also ensure that each item meets our criteria.

At Bobox, we stand by brands that are committed to a circular future through the creation of quality products that are made to last, made of materials we are proud of and made by brands that are committed to environmental sustainability. 


We ask ourselves these three questions to determine whether it's good enough for your little one:

Is the item made to last?

  • What fiber material is it made of?
  • Does it feel good to the touch?
  • Does it pass the tug test?
  • Do the pockets match? 

Is the item made of materials we are proud of?

  • Are there any on-product labels or third party certifications?
  • Is it made of low-impact materials?
  • Is it a good blend?

Is the item made by a brand that is committed to environmental sustainability?

  • Does the brand have ambitious targets (Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Material Sourcing, Science-based Targets?)
  • Is the brand involved with any industry-wide collaborations?
  • Does the brand incorporate circular design into its design process?